The Center hosts a weekly Psychology, Environment, and Public Policy (PEPP) research workshop. The workshop brings graduate students and faculty from Bren, the Department of Political Science, and the Department of Psychology together to present research in progress. 

To learn more about research by Center faculty and graduate students, please visit the CSSEP research blog.

CSSEP is the home of the Water Use, Behavior and Policy (WBP) Research Working Group, a long-term effort to study the role of strategic messaging in promoting public water conservation. You can read more about the WBP Research Group here.

CSSEP also releases a working paper series.

Working Papers

Title Author Date Link
CSSEP-WP9: Titling Community Land to Prevent Deforestation: No Reduction in Forest Loss in Morona-Santiago, Ecuador  Mark T. Buntaine, Stuart E. Hamilton, Marco Millones   PDF
CSSEP-WP8: Aiming at the Wrong Targets: The Difficulty of Improving Domestic Institutions with International Aid Benjamin P. Buch, Mark T. Buntaine, Bradley C. Parks   PDF
CSSEP-WP7: Experimenting with Accountability in Chile Javiera Barandiaran   PDF
CSSEP-WP6: Eco-Premium or Eco-Penalty? Magali Delmas   DOCX
CSSEP-WP5: Who joins the club? Learning pathways for sustainable agriculture certification Michael Levy   PDF
CSSEP-WP4: Framing Effects on Environmental Politics and Policy Sarah Anderson, Alex DeGolia, Matthew Potoski   PDF
CSSEP-WP3: Social Networks and Transportation Mode Choice Susan Pike   DOCX
CSSEP-WP2: Climate Action Planning: An Intersectional Approach to The Urban Equity Dilemma Chandra Russo, Andrew Pattison   PDF
CSSEP-WP1: Social Choice in the Wild: Deliberative decision making and group decision stability. Peter Towbin   PDF